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Prototype and design services

We have many decades’ experience of producing springs for a wide range of applications. By using our prototype and design services in your product development right from the start, you can ensure speedy and efficient design and production processes. In the design of the springs, we use IST’s spring calculator software. When necessary, we can also provide 3D pictures.

Design services

Springs should be designed specifically for each project, to ensure that the end product meets the application’s technical requirements. This way, we can also maximise the product’s service life. We help you design a spring or wire form that is easy to manufacture and install, in addition to meeting all the requirements.

We use IST’s spring calculator software to calculate the springs’ force and service life. We verify the calculated force by using measuring scales.

Also, we support your product development by offering assessments of a design’s production feasibility.

Prototypes for springs and bend parts

We produce prototypes quickly and reliably. With a prototype, you can verify your design’s functionality in the early stages of product development. By using more than one spring or wire form prototype, you can analyse and compare product properties, usability, and functionality levels.


The prototype stage provides tested and documented settings that enable us to create seamless production schedules and thereby smooth production for the customer. In addition, we offer shelving space for larger batches.

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