Torsion springs

Three-dimensional design to your specifications

Bespoke torsion springs to suit your needs

All our torsion springs are made in line with the customer-indicated specifications, models, drawings, or standards. Typical torsion spring applications include locks, hinges, and upward-opening doors.

Torsion springs are either single- or double-bodied. Torsion springs can come in any three-dimensional shape, and they can have bends on either side of the body. In the design of the springs, we use IST’s spring calculator software.

The wire types we use range from 0.1 mm to 28 mm in thickness, and they are made from galvanised, stainless, acid-proof, and spring steel that comply with all the relevant standards. Make use of our 35+ years of experience from the design stage onward - we are more than happy to present our design ideas.

Wire thicknesses of 0.1–28 mm

Materials that comply with all relevant standards: galvanised, stainless, acid-proof, and spring steel wire

Grinding and shot peening
Heat treatment and hardening
Coating and painting

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