Extension springs

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Durable extension springs from Jousiteos

Our extension springs are available with various loop styles (including English and German) and elongated hooks. In the design of the springs, we use IST’s spring calculator software. All our springs are made in line with the customer-indicated specifications, models, drawings, or standards.

Examples of our extension springs:

  • Springs for upward-opening doors
  • Spring pipe benders
  • Springs for drawbars
  • Springs for lorry doors
  • Springs for trailer covers

We offer services to the following sectors:

  • Agriculture
  • The mining industry
  • The electrical and electronics industry
  • Maritime operations

With experience going back more than 35 years, we can help you create a durable spring for your application, from the design and prototype stage onward.

Wire thicknesses of 0.1–28 mm

Materials that comply with all relevant standards: galvanised, stainless, acid-proof, and spring steel wire

Grinding and shot peening
Heat treatment and hardening
Coating and painting

Quality assurance

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