Quality assurance

Our operations are guided by an ISO 9001 certified quality-control system and ISO 14001 environmental management. We use the best materials and the latest technology. We use optical devices to monitor our products both during and after the production process.

The best materials

We use materials that comply with all the applicable EU standards in our spring production (galvanised, stainless, acid-proof, and spring steel). Our wire suppliers are among the best in the field.

Our state-of-the-art CNC machines guarantee high quality and competitive prices for both small batches of prototypes and large-scale production comprising several million pieces.

Quality control during production

During production, our CNC machines analyse each spring:

  • Camera monitoring
  • Position detection performed with a laser or by mechanical means

We carry out manual spot checks:

  • Quality-control cards
  • Callipers, protractors, gauges, and fits
  • We recently implemented the Quick Image monitoring system, from Mitutoyo, which can be used to inspect the quality of the springs quickly and accurately.

Heat treatment

Heat treatment is an essential stage in the spring manufacturing process. Because of this, in 2017, we invested in new tempering furnaces in both Tuusula and Hirvensalmi. In addition, we recently acquired a new annealing line in Hirvensalmi.


Annealing is a typical finishing process for springs. It is performed to eliminate stresses that arise during manufacture.


Hardening is used for post-quenching materials (51CrV4).

These materials are used to meet the strictest force and durability requirements.

Shot peening

We also recently invested in a new Rösler shot peening machine, which enables us to produce springs with a 30% longer service life.

IST’s spring calculator software

We use spring calculation software designed by the Institute of Spring Technology (IST) to calculate spring force and durability. The program enables us to design appropriate and cost-efficient solutions for our customers.

Spring force scales

We can measure pressure and extension springs’ force with our new Easydur measurement devices.

Our main resource - skilled and motivated staff

Our main resource is our happy and motivated staff with extensive experience of spring solutions.

By choosing Jousiteos, you can ensure that your springs are of the highest quality and made with advanced production techniques. As a family-run company, we are committed to fast, customer-oriented service.

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